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Shanghai Offers Tax Refunds to Overseas Tourists in Pudong Airport and Hongqiao Airport

Departure tax refunds policy refers to the foreign passengers in the departure port departure, the purchase of the tax refunds for the purchase of goods in the tax rebate policy. The main contents include the following 6 aspects:
(a) the applicable object of the departure tax rebate policy is the foreign and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots who are not more than 183 days of continuous residence in our country.
(II) overseas travelers for departure tax the main process is: shops apply for a tax rebate, customs auditing confirmation goods tax, agency for tax refund.
(III) goods tax is by outside the passenger himself in rebate shops to buy and in accordance with the personal belongings of the conditions for a tax rebate, goods tax specific mainly in the negative list of clear, the following items can enjoy a tax rebate: 1. The ban of the people's Republic of China, limiting the inbound and outbound articles listed in the "form of prohibitions, restrictions and exit of goods; 2. Tax rebate store sales for the VAT exemption policy items; 3. The Ministry of finance, the General Administration of customs and the State Administration of Taxation provisions of other items.
(IV) overseas travelers for shopping departure tax shall also comply with the following six conditions: 1. The same overseas travelers on the same day in the same rebate shops to buy the goods tax amount to 500 yuan, and ask for foreign tourists shopping departure tax for single and VAT ordinary invoice; 2. At the designated port of exit for departure, departure tax rebate before the goods have not yet enabled or consumption; 3. The departure date from the tax rebate items purchase date not more than 90 days; 4. Purchase tax rebate items by overseas travelers I carry or accompanying outbound shipment. 5 purchased goods tax by the customs check and apply for a single sign in 6 in the tax rebate; agency designated refund.
(five) the tax rebate is a vat, the tax rebate rate is 11%. Tax agency for overseas travelers for VAT refund, the VAT tax refund buckle fee reduction necessary tax refund procedures, the provisions of tax agency can goods tax sales amount of the invoice (including value-added tax in accordance with the 2%) proportion to charge a fee.
(six) the tax rebate for RMB currency. Tax rebate way including two ways of cash rebate and bank transfer tax rebate. The amount of the tax rebate is not more than 10000 yuan, can choose the way of tax rebate. Back tax more than 10000 yuan, the bank transfer tax rebate.

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